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Lake Chelan Photographer – 3 Tips for Choosing a Location for Meaningful Family Photos

Tips and Planning

When a family contacts me to talk about their documentary family photography session, the first thing we work on is deciding on the best location for their session. While in-home sessions are my absolute favorite choices for meaningful family photos, there a several valid reasons to want to take family photos somewhere besides at home.

The Story

In this family’s case, they wanted to document exploring Dad’s childhood town. He grew up on a beautiful little island and I loved hearing the stories of his childhood there. For their session, they wanted to capture a walk down memory lane with their 18-month-old daughter before the birth of their son. They walked around the beachside sidewalks sharing stories, got treats from the donut shop where Dad worked his first job as a teen, and dipped their toes in the water where many beach memories were made.

If you’re thinking about having a family photography session and want to get out of your house, scroll down for 3 tips for choosing a location for meaningful family photos!

3 Tips for Choosing a Location for Meaningful Family Photos

  1. Home away from Home – Consider the places (besides your home) you spend the most time at together. Is there a local playground you visit every week? Do you visit the local library to check out new books often? Do you have a favorite ice cream parlor or donut shop?
  2. Family Traditions – Traditions are so worthy of remembering. Think about seasonal activities you do every year – going apple picking every October, chopping down a fresh Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, going on a bike ride to grandma’s when the spring weather finally arrives, raking and jumping in the leaves in Autumn, etc.
  3. Family Vacations and Staycations – Having professional photos of a family vacation where everyone (including mom) are in the photos is an amazing way to preserve some wonderful family memories! I offer my normal rates + travel fee if applicable for vacation sessions.

Are you feeling tired of generic family photos with cookie-cutter poses and the same park in every photo? Want some more suggestions for choosing a location for meaningful family photos? Grab my free guide, 7 Tips for Choosing a Location for Meaningful Family photos here!

Family pregnancy photos on Balboa Island - Dad, Mom, and 18 month old daughter.

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