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In Home Maternity Photos With The Entire Family – Seattle Documentary Family Photography


Some of my most asked questions about Documentary Family Photography are: What will we do during our session; How many hours of coverage should we have; and My home isn’t Pintrest-perfect like I see in all the family photo sessions online – I don’t think an in-home session is a good choice for us.

This in-home maternity session with the whole family is the perfect example of how “doing nothing” actually captures a family’s life with so much more authenticity than if mom had planned a whole bunch of activities. This session was also photographed on a wet autumn day in Ireland when the sun sets early and homes just aren’t bright and airy and flooded with natural light. I plant my flag in the realm of reality – I think these real-life images are so much better than staged ones in a perfectly clean home with magazine-worthy lighting. I mean, c’mon, the majority of us just do not have homes like that!

This was a six-hour Half Day In The Life session, and this is the length of time I recommend to all families with toddlers and young children who want to preserve a glimpse of their life in its current season. Six hours may sound like a lot, but it is the perfect amount of time to capture some essential parts of a family’s day together and be able to piece together a story. This session lasted from after school shenanigans, tickle fights, roughhousing with dad, and doing homework, though dinnertime and getting ready for bed.

I am so glad I was able to capture this season of life for this family. Soon after their baby was born, they moved houses and these photos represent their time in their first family home.

If you are on the fence about an in-home photography session, I would love to chat with you and brainstorm some ideas together! You can also grab a free copy of “7 Ideas for a Location for Meaningful Family Photos” here.

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