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Wenatchee Family Photographer – What is golden hour and why is it so important for portrait sessions?


Golden hour portrait sessions are my absolute favorite – This session is the perfect example of that “golden hour” you will hear me talking about in our communications if you are one of my clients. The light is soft, warm, and creates a beautiful glow in the photos. Golden hour is the hour that the sun is rising or setting. Another favorite time for me to have a portrait session is “blue hour” which is the tail end of sunset and the moments the sky is still light after the sun dips below the horizon.

The specific times will vary from season to season. Here in Wenatchee in the summertime, I tend to schedule sessions from 8pm-9pm to capture the golden glow. We are often rewarded with an extensive gorgeous blue hour where the sky puts on a stunning show of exploding colors! Meanwhile, winter sessions often take place around 3pm-4pm because the sun sets much earlier this time of year. Fall and Spring are my busiest times of year, because the colors in our valley are stunning and also because golden hour falls at a time of day that is convenient for families with younger children who have an earlier bedtime.

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