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Wenatchee Family Photographer – My Top 5 Posing Prompts for Emotive Family Photos


This gorgeous summer family photo session with the L Family was such a sweet time together! These big brothers loved spending some time snuggling and playing with their mom and dad before their little sis arrived. We adventured through the summer hills of Wenatchee and I had loads of fun bringing smiles to their faces!

When families first inquire with me for photography services, I always ask them what they envision for their family photos, and what drew them to my work. Almost always what draws a family to my work is that my photos aren’t stiff, forced, or awkward. My biggest goal during a family photography session is capturing connection, personality, and love – and the way I get there is through interactive prompts. Giving everyone a task and adding movement keeps everyone’s minds off of the lady with the camera, and more focused on connecting and having fun together.

Here are my 5 go-to prompts for capturing photos of connection and personality~

1. Everyone holding hands and walking towards me; look at the person who eats the most!

2. Mom and Dad snuggle on the blanket; I take the kids behind them and ask them to pretend to be dinosaurs and sneak up on their parents on the count of 3 and pretend to gobble them up!

3. Mom, hold your child in front of you with their legs around you and hold them close. I ask the child to tickle mommy’s nose with their nose, or play with her hair.

4. Everyone hold hands in a circle and spin around together; then pull away as far as you can without letting go! Then come back in tight like a rubber band bouncing back!

5. Mom and Dad stand back to back; each pick up a kiddo and play with them

See if you can spot the prompts in the photos below! I love how these brothers love their mama so much!

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